Wednesday, November 14, 2007


In watching the film, we see Chris pursue his goals and dreams in a lot of unusual ways. No matter what he has to do to get the attention of the people who could help him achieve these things, however, he keeps his mind on the final outcome- being successful in order to provide a better life for his son.

Answer the following questions in three to four sentences each (at least). If you'd like to combine all your answers into one longer blog that is fine too. When you are finished, leave a comment on each of your group member's blogs. Your comment may be something you agree or disagree with, a connection you make to his/her ideas, or a question you have.

1. How would you would define happiness if you were asked to try to explain it to someone who had no idea what the word meant ? (You cannot use the word happy or any form of it in your explanation.)
2. How do you define happiness in your own life specifically? What is your greatest source of happiness? What may be happiness for you may not be happiness for someone else. BE SPECIFIC. Don't just say hanging out with friends. Explain why your friends (or whatever you write about) brings you happiness. Maybe you are happiest when you are out running, playing video games, eating at a certain restaurant, or celebrating a certain holiday.
3.What people in your life have the greatest influence on your happiness? How do they influence your relative happiness?
4. Whose happiness do you impact in your life? Your actions affect a lot more people than just yourself, so to whom in your life, do your actions have the potential to bring great joy or great disappointment?
5. What is your greatest need in life? How is this tied into your happiness?


~bethany joy said...

hey Mrs. B!
i dont know if you still get your comments from this blog but could you like send mr. miles baby pictures and then he could put them on the projector?
that'd be really really cool.

claire said...

I miss you Mrs. B!!!!!!!