Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Writing Territories

Today in the lab:
1. Link your blog url to Mrs. B's computer.

2. Spend about ten minutes describing yourself as a writer. Answer the following questions:
What kinds of writing do you like to read? (Poetry, short stories, novels, etc.)
What kinds of writing do you like to write? (Poetry, short stories, scripts, etc.)
How often do you write when it is not a school assignment?
What topics most intrigue you? Explain why.

3. Pick one topic from your list of writing territories, and write about it for 25 minutes. It can be in any form you prefer- a poem (or series of poems), a short story, a narrative, a play, etc.

4. When you finis, leave visit the sites of at least two members in your blog groups. Read thier entries, and leave a brief comment about something they wrote. Perhaps you agree with something they said or perhaps you find thier topic engaging.

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