Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How Unpoetic

Well, sort of unpoetic. In poetry the topics can range from birth to death and from love to hate.
Today your job is to pick a topic of your choice and write about it for 4o minutes.
Do you love sports? Then write about sports.
Do you want to write about a more abstract topic? Write about hate or love, courage or cowardess.
Perhaps you can think of nothing but your life after high school. What will it be like? How will you do things differently when you are in charge of your life fully?
Are you into politics? Write.
Be sure to use the the full 40 minutes. When you are finished, visit two of your group member's sites and leave two comments about their topic of choice.

1 comment:

j.Irv said...

I think its good that were getting out of the poem theme a little bit. GOOD POST!!